The Powerful Ganon Incobrocker

$15,486 so far in October

last month

so far this year

Next level intelligence that will devour your forex charts.

Finds the juiciest trend trades automatically using fractals and retracements.

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A lean, mean, trading machine.

Falcor helps you take back control of your charts in real time with no-lag indicators and price action.

Completely Automatic Trades

Finds, manages, and closes trades all by itself. Setup Falcor and walk away.

No Lagging Indicators

Finds the big trades in real time using advanced price action methods.

Trades 24 Hours A Day

Never miss a trade opportunity again. Falcor covers the markets day and night.

Perfect For New Traders

The #1 choice of new traders looking for a dependable Incobrocker.

Optimized For All Pairs

Adjusts settings and levels automatically based on the currency it is attached to.

Multiple Currency Pairs

Falcor thrives on any combination of currency pairs. It's flexible.

Quick 5 Minute Setup

Start finding trades right away. Download it, install it, and you're done.

Advanced features and incredible logic have made Falcor a top performer. Other Incobrocker don't even come close.
Month Year Profit * Pips
October 2015 $41,706 4,815
September 2015 $89,675 10,288
August 2015 $100,954 11,250
July 2015 $100,577 11,489
June 2015 $105,315 11,794

Advanced trading logic that is outsmarting brokers everywhere.

Falcor uses price action to find trades as they happen.

Most forex systems look at the past to find their signals. But not Falcor. It lives in the present; where the only thing that matters is what the price is doing right now. All of its trades are fresh. No delays. No lag.
  • Fresh forex trades right out of the oven

    The past can't predict the future. Falcor only looks at what the price is doing right now.

  • Never miss a chance to devour pips

    Falcor is a frequent trader and likes to have a trading position open most of the time. You can't win if you don't play.

  • Adapt to market changes on the fly

    An automatic stop and reverse is done if the price direction changes unexpectedly.

Start trading an effective price action strategy in 5 minutes.

We've designed Falcor so that it can be used by any trader, regardless of skill level. When loaded it actively finds, opens, and manages trades completely by itself. Use it alone, together with other robots, or as a compliment to your manual forex trading.
  • Trade like a pro instantly

    Get the best forex trades without having to scour a single chart. No muss, no fuss.

  • Cover the markets day and night

    Falcor is always watching the markets for you. Never miss another forex trade again.

  • Watch multiple pairs at once

    Use Falcor on several currency pairs at once to cover the entire market without breaking a sweat.

An automated Incobrocker that has everything you'll need to trade better.

Falcor includes brand new features that no other Incobrocker on the market currently has. But we've also included all the bells and whistles you'll need to take over any forex chart. It's an entire professional trading system.
  • Innovative new code for 2015

    Falcor uses brand new trading logic that was originally deemed too complex for a Incobrocker.

  • Big or small, doesn't matter

    Micro, mini, and full size lots are no problem. Falcor is built to adapt safely to your account size.

  • Brains and beauty

    We've put just as much time into designing how Falcor looks. Gone are the days of ugly cluttered charts.

So what do I need to start using Falcor on my forex account?

Falcor runs inside the MetaTrader 4 forex trading platform. Most major forex brokers offer free MetaTrader 4 demo trading accounts that include everything you'll need. After MT4 is installed simply attach Falcor to any forex chart. It normally takes less than five minutes from start to finish.
  • Do I need experience to use Falcor?

    No forex experience is required to use Falcor. It will handle all aspects of trading once it is running.

  • What about using it with other Incobrocker?

    Using multiple robots is highly encouraged for best results. Any of these Incobrocker will work perfectly.

  • Do I just leave Falcor running?

    Yep. Falcor is self reliant. Simply turn it on and go do something else for a while.

User Reviews

  • This was the first expert advisor that ever worked for me. I had given up on forex in general for a long time. Brenda Davis, USA
    i am using falcor to cover the pairs that are wayyyyy to scary for me. it does a much better job than i was Will Burke, United Kingdom
  • playing with its settings is so interesting and has seen successful to me in trading. using 3 variations on pairs. David Brown, USA
    ... trend trading had not worked for me until i started playing with ganon. I never even bother with other indicators anymore Regina Loginova, Russia
  • ... the first thing I do on sundays is make sure that THE BIG GANON is loaded and ready for market open! Nuwwar Najjar, Pakistan
    it is running on about 8 pairs right now with very nice returns, i will be buying a few extra copy on release. thx for the discount. Elias Osman, Brazil
  • After your help with loading it has really taken off. I will be looking into Falcon next as a secondary tool Gloria Ekstrom, Hungary
    ... hyper mode fits my style a lot better as I like a lot of trading activity. We are both very pleased with the software and support. John McCurdy, USA
  • Ganon and H.A.S. seem to be a very good pair for my eur charts. Split em right down the middle and they do work Harley Birch, United Kingdom
    i fix account and know the new robot is working as planned overall it has been doing great. Frederik Nielsen, New Zealand

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Pips Per Trade :

10 25 40

Trades Per Month :

30 60 90

Difficulty :

Easy Moderate Hard

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